Ten differences between Teddy Bear Carpet Care
and Other Cleaners Who Charge Less:


1.  Superior, professional training: We are very familiar with S001, the IICRC minimum standards of correct carpet cleaning. Many firms are not. The minimum standards require pre-spraying of carpets, and we do this. Some firms do not, and do one-step "cleaning", which does not clean as thoroughly. The minimum standards also require proper and thorough grooming of the cleaned carpets. Many firms ignore this step. We groom carpets carefully and thoroughly.

2.  We use all natural cleaning products by Bi-O-Kleen that are safe and effective. Many firms do not or are unwilling to spend a little more on them and consequently use harsh, toxic chemicals.  The Host Dry Carpet Cleaning system uses organic sponges.  Teddy Bear says "Safety First".

3.  We trim pulled yarns, fibers sticking up at edges, and minor burns; we remove gum and wax. We trim individual fibers that are color damaged. Some firms don't know how to do these things, or else they don't bother.

4.  We know how to remove Kool Aid and many ink stains. Some firms don't know, or don't bother to go to the trouble. We often can recolor small bleach stains at no cost. No one else does, that we know of, in this area.

5.  We have on our staff a Certified Master Textile Cleaner. Many firms do not bother to invest in certified training for their personnel. Because of our extensive training, we tend to know more ways of getting out a variety of soil types than the average cleaner. For example, we do a better job with pet stains and odors than most other firms, because of our technical knowledge.

6.  TBCC belongs to the North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce and The New England Institute of Restoration and Cleaning. We are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Our involvement with local, regional and National business associations is a sign of our commitment to our profession, our community and ethical business practices. Many firms do not make the effort.

7.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  We follow up our visit with a quality assurance contract, and cheerfully return as soon as possible if any touch-up work is needed or requested.  Few other firms do.

8.  We use state-of-the-art cleaning systems. We offer different cleaning systems for different cleaning situations.  This only makes good sense.  Our self contained truck-mounted system vents outside and the waste water is safely released at a water treatment facility. We keep our equipment clean and in good working order to ensure optimum performance. Amazingly, not all firms do.

9.  We guarantee the effectiveness of DuPont Teflon Advanced® protective overspray for a minimum of twelve months after application, with a promise of free spot cleaning if the carpet owner cannot remove any soiling problem easily and successfully. Simply put, the buck stops here at Teddy Bear Carpet Care. No one else offers any guarantee like this.

10.  We enjoy the confidence of six different area carpet retailers, who recommend us to their customers because of the consistent high quality and skill of our work. Their customers are usually very grateful to have received the referral.

Thank you for considering Teddy Bear Carpet Care!